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Hey everyone! So I saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie yesterday. And I loved it.

I actually didn't expect such a good sequel (and this happens for the second time now).
First of all, the plot: all the events in the movie were pretty exciting to watch; I was impressed by Jamie Foxx's Electro and I liked his story; I also think the Osborns stuff was more logical than in Raimi's trilogy;
But here comes the disappointing thing: though I liked how all the events and characters were tied together, I think the Oscorp-evil-thingy is quite odd (just my personal opinion). I mean, Oscorp is responsible for creating all the villains, in one way or another.
But then again, The Sinister Six would make some sense like that, so let it be.

Let's move on.
Special effects looked stunning on a big screen. But hey, did they change the atmosphere to a less dark and modernish? What a pity, I was starting to like the TASM's one... Visualisation was cool anyway. Everything I saw was cool, actually. All the details, slow-motion shots and that freaking allegorical hand-like web were all relevant.
I wanna say one more time Jaimie Foxx is a badass actor. Dane DeHaan was quite good as well. The Green Goblin looked spectacular. But they didn't concentrate on Harry's character and his motivation (IMPO again).
And of course I loved Peter Parker's family and relations storyline a lot, exceptionally Gwen Stacy/Peter story. It's heartbreaking. The final battle and the finale itself was jaw-dropping. I had so many emotions (and was shocked basically).

It was all worth waiting for.
I genuinely hope the next parts of Spider-man's adventures are gonna be even greater than TASM 2. Make us happy, Mr. Webb!

How is it going, dudes?

I just wanted to remind y'all that I'm alive and to write a little journal entry.
The thing is I have finally watched The Winter Soldier and I was so damn impressed by it!
I didn't hope to see something great because of The First Avener movie (which was a bit poor, let's admit it). But the sequel totally blew me away. As for me, it was outstanding. I enjoyed everything about it: the plot, the characters and the feel.
It made me worry and laught and [almost] cry. I was not disappointed in any way and I consider The Winter Soldier the best movie of MCU so far. It made me extremely anxious for The Avengers 2 (After-credits scene did, in particular).

By the way, I am currently working on a new poster project which I'm going to present very soon.
Stay tuned!

Hello again everybody!

I'd like to present you two of my latest MashUps:

:bulletorange:Star Wars - TDKR trailer style
:bulletorange:The Avengers - Star Trek: Into Darkness teaser style

Check them out!

See ya!
After my teaser trailer for "The Dark knight rises" movie in the style of "The Girl with the dragon tattoo" teaser (you can watch it there:…), I present you my teaser trailer for the upcoming "Amazing Spider-man" movie. Go here… to watch the finished video!
Comment, rate and subscribe to my channel, it's very important for me!

By the way, I want to thank André Camillo ( for asking me make this trailer and giving me lots of great ideas I used in this teaser!
Hello Everyone!

I've just made another one mashup - now it's for BBC "Sherlock" series and "SH: Game of Shadows" movie trailer! Go and see it here… ! ;) Leave comments with your opinion.

Hope you like it! =D
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Hello everybody! :typerhappy:
A new, 2012 year has come and I'd like to remember the past year...

... A 2011 was very busy and difficult but it was also the most successful year on :dalogo: and art generally.
Last year I concentrated on making fan posters (I've already had the experience on making them). During the whole year I was improving my [digital art] skills by making some movie posters; And now you can see the result: Movie posters have brought me success. I've won at least 4 challenges and contests.

I'm proud of my most loved artworks:

:bulletblack:Rango: l e g a c y
:bulletblack:Star Wars Saga banner
:bulletblack:''Amazing Spider-Man'' poster
:bulletblack:Batman Trilogy - poster
:bulletblack:"End of an Era"
:bulletblack:TRON - the game has changed
:bulletblack:Harry Potter 7 wallaper
:bulletblack:TDKR - Batman VS Bane poster
:bulletblack:PotC: OST - Indy style

At the beginning of the New year I had 100 Watchers, 17,000 Pageviews and about 100 movie posters in total!

By the way, I want to thank everybody who like my art for being not indifferent to it!:huggle:
Hello there!
I'd love to present you my page on YouTube. If you love my digital art here, than you would also love my fan videos. On my page you'll find fan-trailers and -teasers, MashUps and other videos.
Please visit my page, watch my video, subscribe and leave comments because your opinion is most important to me! ;)

:bulletred::spotlight-left:My last video: (TDKR TV-Spot):spotlight-right:                              :woohoo:
A 2011 year came and i can look back at past year.
2010 was very busy year for me.
In the last year I was impressed by a lot movies. For example, the seventh "Harry Potter" movie inspired me for many deviations:
-A ''Deathly Hallows'' wallpaper
-And the posters: ''Deathly Hallows'' banner 2 and ''Deathly Hallows'' banner 2.

Some upcoming movies like "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" were impressing for me too.
-I created a movie wallpaper on the base of the teaser poster.

Of course, I did a lot of deviations for the "Star Wars" movies that are my favorite movies.
-I can name an Original trilogy poster...
-...And a lot of drawings like "Boba Fett" and "Luke Skywalker"

In completing, I'd like to say that I was waiting for the 2011 year, and I think it will be a very lucky year for me.
Now I can present you a Star Wars calendar for the 2011 year -